Main Screen

The power to control and manage spending right from your fingertips. Once logged in, authorized users gain immediate access to the features and functionalities of the globalVCard Spend Secure mobile application, including real-time controls over all your CSI-issued credit cards and the ability to issue secure, virtual MasterCard® payments.

Quick vCard

Authorized users can create a quick virtual credit card number based on pre-defined account settings. The unique credit card number that is generated, along with the CVC code and expiration date, are ideal for online or telephone transactions.

In addition, users can securely send a virtual credit card number to employees or to vendors to settle an invoice.

New vCard

New virtual credit cards are easily created by authorized users, including setting dollar amounts for each transaction, and restricting each virtual credit card to be used at selective locations.

My Cards

Manage your virtual and plastic credit cards in real-time, including the ability to track spending, see card activity, increase or decrease spending limits, and authorize/block credit cards.

My Account

Secure account settings including username and password ensure that globalVCard cannot be accessed by anyone other than you.


Users can send direct messages to their corporate administrator to request an increase in spending limits. Approval can be granted right away and the credit card will be updated in real-time.