2014 Money2020 Live Demo

Chief Product Officer Jason Kolbenheyer presents a live demonstration of globalVCard Spend Secure. Watch him demonstrate the ability to make secure purchases with single-use virtual MasterCard numbers, monitor and adjust employee spending in real-time, and control both virtual and plastic credit cards.

Creating a new virtual credit card

Create a customized virtual credit card and set the spending limits for that card, including setting the card expiration dates, setting where the card can be used, giving authorizations to the card user, adding reference notes to each credit card, and more.

Creating a quick virtual credit card

Create a quick virtual credit card number based on predefined settings from your mobile app. Predefined settings include card amount, expiration date, merchant category restrictions, and the number of authorized card uses for each virtual credit card number.

Managing your credit cards

Review both your virtual and plastic credit cards in real time. For security purposes, card numbers are listed by the last 4 digits and include the card balance, the issued name on the card, the expiration date, the ability to block or unblock each card, and more.

Request spend limit increase on plastic card

Business professionals are now able to send a message to their system administrator to request a spend limit increase to their plastic credit cards in real-time.

Restrict credit card usage (via merchant category location)

Restrict where each credit card can be used by setting card authorizations to specific merchant category locations, including airline, car rentals, hotel, fuel, restaurants, etc.

Sending virtual credit cards

Send a virtual credit card to anyone via email or SMS text messaging. Virtual credit cards can be sent securely and will be delivered in image form, including with all the necessary details of a credit card such as CVC code, expiration date, etc.

Controlling Plastic Cards

Take control of both corporate purchasing and virtual credit cards in real-time with full authorization features.